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Choosing A Tattoo Design

Tattoo designs are influenced by everything and everyone. They can come from any source including history, politics, cartoons, tv shows, and everything you can imagine. From flowers to animals to cartoon tattoo designs,the possibilities are pretty much limitless. Simple tattoo designs usually just mimic something seen in the real world while more complicated ones clone these same things with the tiniest accurate details.

Simple designs are used just to provide some cute body art work or just something to show. Complicated designs are considered art because they are very intricate and will almost always likely represent something to the person getting it. These designs take time to have done and there can be symbolism in their addition to the body. Tattoo designs are actually a more complicated that just copying something.

You have to consider where the tattoos will be placed on the body as well as how the colors will look on the skin of the individuals sporting them. To really know tattoo design is to know how colors appear on the skin. Tattoo designs has evolved from tribal cultures to everyone who is interested in tattoos. Old tribal tattoo designs had different meanings to their tattoos depending on the tribe and location.

Today tattoo designs still envelop the culture we are in, the events that take place, and our surroundings. Good examples include running back for the San Diego Chargers, La Dainian Tomlinson, who has a thunderbolt tattoo to symbolize his entry into the league and the many 9-11 memorial tattoos that pay tribute to the people.

More and more tattoo designs are being added everyday to the already huge collection and as time goes on we continue to have an incredible collection of them. So before jumping into a tattoo, check out all the tattoo designs available to you right here on our Custom Tattoo Designs Guide.